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Warrior One: A Yoga Oasis

Warrior One is a Yoga Studio located in bayside Melbourne – design by the geniuses of Golden. Inspired by the client’s deep connection to the ocean and the desire to create an organic, sensory experience for guests, Warrior One embodies a holistic approach to wellbeing. The design outcome is both sophisticated and bohemian at the same time, which makes it both equally inviting and pleasantly surprising.

Ph: Sharyn Cairns

Sumptuous Greyge Minimalism

Architects Evgeniy Bulatnikov and Emil Dervish's work for this 106sm apartment is absolute sumptuous simplicity... and a testament to how simple does not necessarily mean "characterless". The proof is always in the pudding and this apartment is a display of art.

From the crown molding to the stunning windows and decor, this is a scene from a modern fairy tale. The lavish interiors bring a sense of calmness and freedom–tall ceilings and arched doors adorn the space and allow the green marble fireplace to take its well-deserved focal point.

In all Minimalist enthusiasm, I believe the wall color to be essential to the feel of this space. It's subtle and quiet, while still retaining so much personality–bringing all the other elements to life in this story where each decorative accent and that one-of-a-kind kitchen counter wouldn’t be the same in its absence. Emil Dervish

Casas Na Areia: Micro Dwelling in Portugal

Casas na Areia is a paradisiac destination and micro hotel that has proven to deliver greatly.
Located one hour South of Lisbon in an ocean-side region known for its magnificent white-sand beaches, fresh seafood and excellent wine. The hotel co-exists with the Sado River without trying to be anything but an honest place of rest and relaxation.

The subdued decor and organic architecture of these four bungalows were extremely well thought out. Designed by Manuel Aires Mateus, the mission was to break barriers between the outer and the inner space, bringing nature in, quite literally, bearing all the flooring and having sand throughout the main cabin — thus provoking a communion with nature inside and out.

It’s commendable to see more and more architects trying to share with nature rather than imposing themselves on it. We're coming into a beautiful time of realizing how stunningly "enough" the world already is and how little we need to bother it on order to make it comfortable and functional.

The fully minimalist interiors have everything you need and attest to the beauty of a less-is-more mentality and my wandering soul simply aches to visit some day. I fell for it at the first sight of those thatched roofs and sandy floors.

Nelson Garrido

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Perfect Sense: Mindful Minimal Interiors

This 150sqm apartment located in Denmark, Copenhagen was designed by Natalie Dubroska, a talented interior designer based in Kiev and founder of Dubroska Studio.

Her work stems from very basic principles – those that we often overlook as important in any creative process. She describes the focus of this project as "creating the perfect home", which to Natalie is:

Space, an abundance of light, literate details, every item matters.
Harmony, silence, good energy.
In decisions, there is a soul, every idea "lived".

Meaning, feeling, mindfulness, mind.

It is impossible to disagree with such a perfect description – in light of how it plays out in reality.

Ph. Yaroslav Priadka